What is Rad Kernel?

RAD Kernel is a custom linux kernel for whyred(Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI) that aims for best balance between performance and battery. Main aim is to keep kernel clean and stock with only necessary features.

Features & Info

Updates Friendly

Keep kernel merged with latest Linux and CAF tags, to keep kernel fresh.

Features Rich

Display color customizations(KCAL), sRGB, wakelock blocker, mic/headphone gain, and all you need!

How to Build Standalone/Inline?

Here's a quick guide to do, Kernel Sources and Info and About Different Versions

Made with Love

It's just another kernel for whyred with all you need, Happy flashing :)

How to flash the kernel?
Step 1

Reboot to your Recovery(TWRP/Orange Fox) from system or manually by shutting down then pressing Power + Volume UP

Step 2

After booting to recovery, goto wipe section of your recovery and wipe dalvik and dalvik cache (only)

Step 3

Then browse the kernel zip file where you have saved it and flash it as a zip. Reboot and enjoy, Happy Flashing :)